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  • What is Livezoie?

    Livezoie is an adult live video chat site, where Members and visitors meet amateur Models and PornStars from around the world. The Models broadcast video feed live from their home or studio, and interact with visitors in public or private rooms through video, voice, chat and messages. Livezoie offers a wide variety of Models. To find one who fits a certain taste or preference, Members may use a search bar on the top of any page. Models are available based on appearance, age, spoken language, specialties, video quality and on many other specifications by typing in simple key words. Once a Member finds a favorite, the Model can be added to a personal Favorite list and saved for next time.

  • Are all cameras live?

    Yes! On Livezoie all online Models perform live in their chat room.

  • How does video chat work?

    The Models have a webcam or camcorder set up in their room or studio giving live video feed through the Internet. Many Models have audio option as well, so they can be seen and heard the same time.

    You must have Adobe Flash plug-in installed on your browser to view the camera feeds. For any technical assistance, you may contact our Online Support staff available 24/7.

  • How do I chat with a Model?

    Once you enter a chat room, you may begin a conversation with the model in the chat field. You will find many other users in Free Chat, including other members and guests. Guests may only choose from among a predefined set of messages to send to the model. Registered members may type their own messages. Please note that the model\'s messages will appear in a different color than the members’. Messages from members will also have different colors depending on their Club Elite level.

    If you like the model and the feeling is mutual, you may move to a Private Chat by clicking on “Start Private” button. During a private session you may also activate your own webcam to interact with the model with the Cam2Cam or Two-Way Audio feature.

  • How do I leave a chatroom?

    You can leave a chat room by simply clicking on the Close button on the top-right corner. In Private Chat Livezoie uses per second billing, which ensures that Premium Members only pay for the actual time spent one-on-one with the Model.

  • What is an Interactive Toy?

    Interactive Toy is a feature that lets you control a model's excitement. Use your Credits to let models experience different types of vibration: choose from 1 to 150 seconds, and from gentle to strong vibrations.

    In the main page, Models that use Interactive Toys will have a small icon on their profile photo. During Free Chat, you can also check the model's bio. During VIP Shows and Private Shows, you will be able to use Interactive Toy using the toy icon in the bottom bar.

    Under "special", you can also click on "Interactive Toy" to see all models currently using interactive toys. You can also search for "Interactive Toy."

    Interactive Toys are only available for models to use during VIP Shows and Private Shows.

Credit Purchase

  • How can I purchase additional credits?

    Adding Credits to an existing Livezoie Account is fast and easy. Verify that you’re logged in. Click on “Get Credits” on the top of the page, or open your personal menu by clicking on your username on the right, then click on “Credits.”

    1. Choose a payment method
    2. Choose the desired credit package
    3. Complete the Credits purchase process by entering the necessary details

    While in a chat room there are also several chances to purchase Credits before, during, or after a Private Show.

    If you’d like to buy Credits now, please click here: Get Credits

  • What do I do if a credit purchase is unsuccessful?

    If you experience an unsuccessful credit purchase please check your registered e-mail address.
    Don´t forget to check Spam/Junk/Bulk folders as well!

    If you received an email from "" regarding the transaction, please reply to the email as soon as possible. A representative will shortly contact you.

    If you don’t receive an email from regarding the transaction, you may contact our customer service in the following ways:

    1. Send a message from the email address that you registered for your Livezoie account to
    2. Call the 24-hour helpline: (+352) 20 88 27 91.
      Please note that live support is available only in English.

    JWS Americas S.à r.l. and JWS International S.à r.l. are the owners of For more information on JWS Americas S.à r.l. and JWS International S.à r.l. visit

  • Where can I ask about billing information?

    You may contact Customer Service for billing information in one of the following ways:

    1. Send a message from the email address that you registered for your Livezoie account to
    2. Call the 24-hour helpline: (+352) 20 88 27 91.
      Please note that live support is available only in English.

    You may also contact your payment processor’s consumer support: Customer Service

  • How can I get FREE Credits?

    When new persons register on Livezoie, they may purchase packages with bonus credits and/or using a coupon code. Bonus credit packages and coupon codes are only available for new purchases of first-time users; a new account registration alone is not considered to be a new user. Should a member attempt to use a coupon code after he had already used one before, then the purchase will be transacted at the displayed discount price, but the credits received will also be decreased to the same extent. Unlike the coupon codes, after a certain amount of credit purchases members will become entitled again to purchase packages with bonus credits. Members can also check the number of required purchases to receive their bonus packages. Bonus credit packages are not available with CCBill and phone purchases. Bonus credits are part of the full credit package, and therefore refunds are NOT possible after spending them on our website.

Member Account

  • I forgot my password. What can I do?

    If you can’t recall your password, please go to the Forgot Password page.

    After providing your username and registered email address check your email to complete your password reset.

    If your login details do not reach you, please contact Livezoie Customer Service by sending an email or by visiting the Online Support Chat.

  • What’s the difference between a Basic and Premium membership?

    Basic Members can get recognized with their unique name by the Models. A Basic Member may also create a personal list of Favorites among their preferred Models.

    The obvious benefit of being a Premium Members is the chance to privately interact with the Models. To enjoy all the special acts listed in the Models’ Personal Info (under willingness), Members have to be in Private Chat. Premium Members can also exchange offline messages with Models and send them Surprises in their chat rooms.

    To become a Premium Member simply choose that option during signup. Alternatively, you may also upgrade to Premium membership from your Basic Member account by purchasing Credits.

  • I’m a Premium Member but my account seems limited, why is that?

    If you aren’t purchasing Credits for more than 30 days, your account will be limited until your next purchase, and you may not be able to view certain Model photos.

    You can lift these restrictions anytime by purchasing additional Credits.

  • How can I check my Credit balance?

    Open your personal menu by clicking on your user name on the right, then click on “Credits”, or click on “Get Credits” on the top of the page. Your available credit is displayed on the top.

  • How can I cancel my Membership?

    If you wish to cancel your subscription and close your account, please select “Forget My Data” under the “Privacy Settings” of your account. Please note that by closing your account we will erase your personal information stored in our system except as required by applicable law, our legitimate business interests, or any other permitted purpose as explained in our Privacy Policy.

Livezoie Models

  • When is a Model online?

    On the Live Cams page the available Models are clearly visible in their thumbnail. Models just entering into Private Chat or going offline have a notice appearing on the bottom of their thumbnails.

  • How can I add a Model to my Favorites list?

    You can access all your saved Favorites on the left side of the Live Cams page after clicking on the heart icon. When the list of Favorites appears, you may access the Models by clicking on their thumbnails or remove them from your list by clicking on their heart icons.

  • How can I find a specific Model?

    The easiest way to find your preferred Model is by entering simple words in the search bar on the top of the page, describing your preference (i.e.: age, ethnicity, hair and eye colors, body type, willingness, etc.). Specific Models may also be located by entering their performer name into the same search bar.

  • I was not satisfied with a Private Show. Can I get a refund?

    If you were unsatisfied with a Model´s Private Show, please contact Livezoie Customer Support by sending an email or by visiting our Online Support Chat. Refunds are granted for specific instances, determined on a case-by-case basis, so we urge you to refer to Livezoie Refund Policy before contacting customer support.

    For more information please refer to Livezoie Refund Policy.

  • How can I send messages to Models?

    Premium Members have the privilege to send private messages to Models. You may access your Messages from any Livezoie page. First open your personal menu by clicking on your Member name on the top right, and then choose “Messages.” Sending a standard length message costs 1.5 Credits.

  • Where can I report unlawful content?

    You can contact our support team 24/7 via our 'Online support' chat reachable from the footer of the website's page.

    Additional channels are available to contact the support team:

    • Additional online forms: 'Contact us' and/or 'Content Removal' from the footer of the website's page
    • Email:
    • Mail: JWS Americas S.à r.l or JWS International S.à r.l, 44 avenue John F. Kennedy, L-1855 Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
    • Phone +352 20 88 27 91
  • What happens after the unlawful content report?

    You will receive an automatic email which acknowledges the receipt of your report. This email lets you know that you should receive an answer within 48 hours specifying the actions or measures that have been taken.

  • After my report, I did not receive an answer confirming that the measures/actions have been taken, what should I do?

    If you did not receive any answer letting you know that the measures or actions have been taken after 48 hours, please contact us again and we will do our best to reply to you as fast as possible. Please note that a longer time response may be required in case of complex issues.

Technical Help

  • Enabling Cam2Cam

    Enabling Cam2Cam:

    The Cam2Cam option is available only if the website runs on HTTPS/ if you can see the camera button on the left hand side of the Model’s video window, and if you are using either the Firefox or Google Chrome browser.

    1. Click on "Camera" button under the Model's video window during a Private Show
    2. Allow access to your camera in the browser pop-up window

    Please make sure that no other application (e.g. Yahoo, Skype, etc.) is accessing your camera while doing Cam2Cam.

  • Recommended Browsers

    The latest version of Google Chrome for Windows and Android, the latest Safari for Mac and iOS.

    Supported browsers:

    1. Windows: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge
    2. Mac: Safari, Google Chrome
    3. Android: Google Chrome, Android Webview, Samsung Internet
    4. iOS: Safari, Google Chrome

    Troubleshooting Browsers:

    If you experience any problem browsing our site (such as strange error messages, cannot enter a Model chat room, can’t see video streams, etc.) we recommend the clearing of cookies and cache from your browser.

    For your convenience we’ve created an application that can assist you cleaning the browser with a single click and giving it a fresh start.

    To activate this application, please download the file listed below and execute it. After restarting the browser the problem should be solved.
    To download the cookie and cache eraser please click here: browser.cmd

    * Note: Other stored data such as browsing history, stored usernames and/or passwords may be erased as well.

    Please also make sure that your Private Browsing (for Mozilla Firefox), Incognito (for Chrome), InPrivate (for Edge) is disabled.

    If you wish to delete the cookies and cache manually, please read the instructions below.


    Go to Tools – Clear Private Data menu. Check in Cookies and Cache and leave the rest of the checkboxes unmarked. After this click on Clear Private Data Now button.

    Google Chrome

    Go to Tools (wrench icon) – select Options. Click the Under The Hood tab and find Privacy section. In the Cookie Settings section, click Show cookies and select the Remove All button.


    Press CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE - Check in "Cached data and files" and "Cookies and saved website data". Leave the rest of the checkboxes unmarked. - Click on the Clear button.


    Click on Edit – Empty Cache menu. Choose Empty button afterwards.

  • I need special technical help

    For any technical related assistance please visit our Member Support. Our support team is normally equipped to address most Livezoie connection related issues. If you consent, Member Support may also remotely connect to your computer to provide assistance. For this service you need to visit our Support Chat to receive instructions on the exact steps of getting remote help.

  • What is traceroute and how can I send it?

    Traceroute is an executable computer command that helps us diagnose the exact nature of the problem between your computer and our network.

    If You are a Windows user You can do this manually by clicking on Start Menu – Run and typing: cmd. After getting the console ready, type: tracert

    To do this automatically, please download and run this file: tracer.bat

    * Note: This application works only on Microsoft Windows OS.

    If you’re an Apple user open up Finder and choose Applications point. After this open Utilities and select Network Utilities. Click on Traceroute tab on the newly opened window and type

    In all cases the result should be sent to along with the exact description of Your problem.

  • Why am I getting a „Suspicious activity detected” message?

    We recently introduced a new safety measure to enhance the security of our website, which detected unusual activity from your connection and restricted your login attempts. We recommend avoiding the use of both VPN services and browsers in incognito mode.

    Please contact support if the problem persists.

  • Parental control

    As children are more vulnerable than adults, they require special protection in the online world. As adults or parents, you can set up "safe search" controls on your web browser and/or download parental control softwares on your computers to protect as much as possible minors from the content of the website. When such parental controls are activated, our website should not be visible in the search engine results and/or accessible.

Billing Help

  • Can I buy credits if I do not have a credit/debit card?

    Yes, there are several options to buy Credits without a credit / debit cards. The following are the billing options where credit/debit cards are not always required:

    • European Direct Debit

      Direct Debit is a safe and swift payment option. You may purchase Livezoie credits using your bank account only.

      It’s extremely important to enter your bank account details correctly, have sufficient funds on your account, and for WebBilling to be able to collect successfully the funds from your bank.

      Users from the following countries can use this payment method:

      • * Austria
      • * Germany
      • * The Netherlands
      • * Spain
      • * United Kingdom
    • Online Banking

      With DIRECTebanking you can pay smoothly and securely. All you need to have is the details of your online bank account at hand.

      You can use it from the following countries:

      • * Austria
      • * Belgium
      • * Germany
      • * France
      • * The Netherlands

      DIRECTebanking works by creating connection between an existing bank account and Livezoie. To pay via DIRECTebanking you have to have a bank account at a bank that supports DIRECTebanking.

    • Pay by Phone

      You can use your phone also to buy credits. This service is available in 23 countries.

      Types of our ’Pay by Phone’ option:

      • * VoiceCall / Phone2Enter – You get an arbitrary amount of Livezoie credits according to the time you hold a premium rate phone line
      • * Dropcharge – Instant access to a fixed amount of Livezoie credits by calling a premium rate phone number.
      • * mPass - Livezoie credits through the T-Pay website. (Only available in Germany)
    • European Bank Wire Transfer (Advanced Direct Pay)

      A simple wire transfer solution initiated by you. Advanced Direct Pay offers a secure and discreet way to pay. It covers all the 43 European countries.

      Users usually prefer the other payment methods mentioned above since wire transfer needs a little more time. It can take up to 7 days to receive your credits.

  • I tried to buy Credits with a bank card but my transaction was declined, why?

    There could be several reasons why your card might get declined. Please check the available funds on your account as well as the card’s expiration date. Some issuing banks may also block online transactions, if they reoccur in an unusual frequency. Please contact your bank to clarify their payment policy. If the problem still exists, send an email to describing what type of card you attempt to use. If we can’t provide you with a solution we may offer other billing options.

  • Does Livezoie have recurring charges?

    No, at this point there aren’t any on this version of Livezoie. We plan to add new, exciting features and enhanced membership plans which could involve additional, optional charges.

    Please note for Members with existing recurring charges the subscription and all its benefits remain active and unchanged when visiting the previous version of Livezoie.

  • What will appear on my credit card statement?

    We’re highly sensitive about your privacy concerns. All your transactions with Livezoie will appear discretely under one of the following company names (depending on the payment provider you use):

  • What is

    Under you may find all contact information to JWS Americas S.à r.l. and JWS International S.à r.l., which are the operators of various websites, including They also provide Billing Support for those websites.

  • Why haven’t I received an email sales confirmation/receipt?

    An email confirmation/receipt is automatically sent with each order processed by Livezoie's processors. You should enter a valid email address when signing up on the website to receive emails from us.

    Please note that many email accounts are also protected by spam filters which may automatically place some of our emails into spam folders. If you happen to find your wanted email there, just mark it as a regular mail, not junk/trash to receive all future messages in your regular mailbox.

    Please note that we will never send you any spam emails.

  • The dates of the charges on my bank statement do not match my purchases. Why?

    Some of the banks do not deduct the amount at the time of the transaction but later when your account is totally cleared. This might cause a delay between the actual date of the charge and the date it appears on your bank statement.

  • What protective measures does Livezoie take to keep my data safe?

    Livezoie takes extraordinary measures to protect your private data. Our billing platform absolutely meets the international requirements of (1)PCI DSS, and our company is regularly validated by (2)McAfee and VeriSign as well. We ensure that your data is always secure, so you don’t have to be concerned while in Livezoie.

    • The PCI DSS is a multifaceted security standard that includes requirements for security management, policies, rocedures, network architecture, software design and other critical protective measures. This comprehensive standard helps organizations proactively protect customer account data.
    • By displaying the McAfee Secure Trustmark, consumers can be sure that the website has been rigorously scanned and tested for vulnerabilities that may pose a threat to sensitive customer information. VeriSign specializes in data encryption and e-commerce and is the most widely utilized firm in the industry to certify that websites are secure and encrypted.
  • I have a question not answered in the Billing FAQ! What should I do?

    If you haven't found answers to your question or you were looking for information regarding a specific charge on your credit card, please contact us here.